Super Brews

tea-picSuper Brews are “slow brewed” drinks made from 100% whole food ingredients; adaptogenic and tonic roots, fruits & herbs that are well known for their vast array of fantastic flavours.

Enjoy delicious cold drinks that have been brewed to perfection with just the right amount of sweetness added. From concentrates to complex blends, to light and fun flavors, all you need to know is they taste great!

Explore the variety of healthy blends!


athleticAthletic Concentrate

This unsweetened brew is a concentrate, to be enjoyed in small amounts daily. Blended to help support optimal function, focus, core system balance and help guard your well-being.


Rebalance Concentrate

This unsweetened brew is a concentrate, to be enjoyed in small amounts daily.  The perfect addition to your favorite daily drinks, this brew is blended to help support balanced living.

Turmeric Concentrate

This seasonal concentrate brew is unsweetened, and the ingredients used to compliment the Turmeric change with the season. Contact us to discover the current blend! 

The blends always include ingredients well known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. Just an ounce and you will be a believer in this powerful decoction.


A lightly sweetened blend to enjoy as you foster your effort to reduce life stresses, balance chakras & support a healthy lifestyle. Helps keep you smiling and calm all year long…



Enjoy this lightly sweetened, spice flavoured brew anytime. It’ s perfect for those who don’t want to be shut down due to crazy busy schedules, and the cold and flu season. If you are hard on your body, wether at work, home or play, this is for you.



This lightly sweetened, fruity brew is refreshing all year around. It’s perfect for those committed to keep going, and not wanting to be held back by busy and active days… Enjoy a rest with this light, refreshing drink.



This brew is ideal for those who enjoy vitality and longevity in life. Tantalize your taste buds with this strong flavour, perfect for licorice lovers, and those who love to focus. 


blueberryBlueberry Mint 

A light minty blend that is perfect for all ages. This “mint condition” tea, is full of blueberry flavour and ideal for those who live an “on-the-go” lifestyle.


A complex blend that is boast all the flavour of traditional Rootbeer. This delicious tea comes with loads of health supporting ingredients, but none of sugar. Sweetened with steiva making it the ideal health supporting treat for those with a no sugar lifestyle.

Banana Brew 

A simple solution for those looking for healthier lifestyle options. While this is amazingly simple to make on your own, we know how busy you are, so have it ready and waiting! This Simple blend contains organic bananas, brewed at low heat, optimizing nutrients available. 

Note: Keep teas refrigerated.   The ingredients in these teas are exactly as stated on the labels, however ingredients may have come into contact with other allergens prior to production. We highly recommend you look into these great ingredients and all their known benefits. 



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