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  1. Leisa Olson 13 years ago

    The website, and ideas and everything is wonderful Jenn!
    My only concern is where the nutritional information comes from since I have been discovering so many conflicting views but many that do come down to the same messages.
    I am really liking the information from Yuri Elkaim, it really makes sense and makes me want to take the same courses he did to be more like him. He has some incredible specific knowledge of he body. For the coupons etc, for me to be really useful would be if the coupons were from a place like Purearth Organics, for fresh veggies.
    Leisa Olson

    • Jenn Champagne 13 years ago

      Thanks Leisa! You bring to my attention the very real need to get our “About Us” page up! Our information comes from our team of holistic nutritionists. Carrie and Svetlana both graduated from the CSNN (Canadian School for Natural Nutrition) in Calgary and Marcie did her schooling in Toronto at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

  2. Amber Brown 13 years ago

    WOW!!! What an amazing prize……exactly what is on my Christmas wish list!

    • Jenn Champagne 13 years ago

      Good Luck! Remember, we must have 1500 likes to make the draw so share share share the contest to have your vita mix by Christmas!

  3. Leah Carter 13 years ago

    I am a fan! And I still have your cookie sheet- I am sorry I will drop it off at Nutters this week!!

  4. Darlene Surette 13 years ago

    What a give away!!Just in time to start your resolutions for the New Year.I know I could sure use one,eating healthy the the Vita- Mix Way!!

  5. Alejandra Styles 13 years ago

    I love this, what a great bunch of ideas!

  6. Shelley 13 years ago

    I love the concept of your website and your product offers. My blender just broke this morning! So the vita-mix contest seemed synchronistic when I saw your post with the Body Mind Institute. Good luck with your online business! Blessings

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