Love Your Body: Lunchbox

Whole Food Recipe and Resource Book

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10 Reasons you will love this little book:

1. 15 Whole Foods Recipes:

  • Increased energy, health and diet with nature made foods
  • Indulge in great food and love your body!

2. 15 Gentle Shifts

  • Easy to implement ideas to incorporate new types of food with high nutrient value into your busy life
  • Amazing health is easiest to achieve through a series of small changes, or ‘gentle shifts’ in your eating and living habits

3. 15 Whole Food Tips

  • ‘How To’ incorporate new and nutritious ingredients into your diet
  • Increase your knowledge of whole foods

(see bottom of page to purchase)

4. Local Business Resources

  • Calgary businesses you can use to support your gentle shifts

5. Coupons & Discounts

  • Save money on more of what’s good for you!
  • Worth over $500

6. Mini-Cookbook

  • Portable, less cupboard space

(see bottom of page to purchase)

7. Stand Incorporated

  • Minimal counter space used for convenience while cooking

8. Lunchbox Friendly Recipes

  • Anytime portability for school, work, sports, activities, vacation, etc.

9. Nut-Free

  • Safe for nut-free zones; schools, camps, locker rooms, etc.
  • Delicious alternatives for those with allergies

10. Kid-Friendly Food

  • Add more natural & nutritious foods to your child’s diet
  • Options to replace the stuff you’d rather not feed your kids
  • Adults will love them too!


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