Sucanat… say what?

That’s what my husband asked the first time I told him to pick sucanat up at the store.  He actually walked in and and asked, “Do you have any <suck a nut>?

You can imagine the store clerks surprise at the question!  Sucanat is actually pronounced <soo ka nat> and the word comes from the words sugar cane natural.

Did you know that your body needs fiber and nutrients to digest sugar?

Sucanat is an excellent source of iron, calcium, vitamin B6, potassium and chromium, which helps balance blood sugar.  Most sugars found at the supermarket are refined, in that they have been stripped of their nutrients.  All of the good stuff is taken out!  White sugar has been completely stripped of its goodness.  Even brown sugar has been refined and then added to or even died for effect.

What sets sucanat apart from other sugars as far as health goes is that it is a whole food.  Through its extracitng and heating process, nothing is added or taken out so what you put in your body has all of the components necessary to be digested.

It is a good idea to eat a well rounded diet.  When you are eating foods with sugars, ensure you are also eating whole foods and plenty of fiber such as whole oats and whole grain flours.

How can you use sucanat?

Sucanat is the perfect substitute for your baking and cooking needs.  It can almost always replace white or brown sugar 1:1.  The only time I would choose a different substitution is if the recipe really needs to be smooth.  For example, icing should have a smooth texture and the graininess of sucanat would not work well.

Where can you buy it?

Sucanat can be bought at most grocery stores that have an organic or natural foods aisle.  It is produced in a package by Wholesome Sweeteneers and at some health food stores it can even be purchased in bulk.

What is your favourite sucanat recipe?  Please share with us below!

  1. Melanie 13 years ago

    Is sucanat the same as organic sugar? If not, how is it different?

  2. Jenn Champagne 13 years ago

    Great question Melanie! Sucanat comes from pure dried sugar cane juice and retains lots of nutrients and its molasses content. Organic sugar may come from cane sugar or sugar beets and it may or may not be cooked to some extent (vs. just evaporated like sucanat). Organic sugar is process dependent and each company may vary slightly. It is also usually lighter in colour which means that there was more processing. Although organic sugar does contain some nutrients and some molasses, we believe sucanat is purer than organic sugar due to how it is processed.

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