What are you thankful for?

Surprise!  This post has nothing to do with food, unless of course you are grateful for it!  I sure am!

Actually this post is a gratitude post.  A place for all you to reflect and share with others what you are grateful for.

It’s simple really.  Just drop down to the comments below and write one word, a few words or a whole story!

By sharing gratitude with others, happiness spreads.  Ever notice you cant be grateful and angry at the same time?  It just doesnt work!

So come on, what are you grateful for?

  1. Jenn Champagne 12 years ago

    healthy, happy family
    moments of silence,
    fulfilling work 🙂

  2. Michelle Giangualano 12 years ago

    The morning rain and fresh air that follows…smiling faces and warm hugs…laughter and great friends…

  3. Tammy 12 years ago

    Family, friends, promise of a new day, naps, dreams, home

  4. Claire Bowles 12 years ago

    A life well lived with work that challenges and enlightens me and family and friends that are precious to me.

  5. Angela Sayers 12 years ago

    Great friends, a healthy and happy family, new opportunities and endless possibilities!

  6. Carrie Dancey 12 years ago

    Family, friends, and long walks in Fish Creek Park to see the beautiful colours as the leaves change!

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